Traffic Management

Asphalt & General’s team are experts in traffic management, helping to ensure smooth event and function organisation.

We are trained and equipped for roadwork traffic management.

Event and Function Organisation

We are a dedicated traffic management team. Our expert team will work through the night, making sure your events run smoothly. Our priority is to ensure public safety and the efficient flow of traffic at your event or function, to keep delays at a minimum.

If you need some help, we offer no obligation initial site visit to discuss your requirements.

Roadwork Traffic Management

Roadwork traffic management is a critical part of any event that may require a temporary road closure. We can assist you with the necessary paperwork, supply the required signage, be there during your event and when the event is over, we pack up. We can ensure your event is legally compliant, successful and safe for everyone.

We have a specialized Traffic Management division.

We can obtain your Traffic Management Plan (TMP) from the local authorities

  • Supply all signs
  • Set up and monitor the site
  • Pack it up when the event is finished

If you already have your Traffic Management Plan we can assist with:

  • Set up and monitoring and/or
  • Supply the necessary signs
  • Provide trained Stop/Go staff

All staff has the minimum qualification of Traffic Controller Qualified (TC) and we have several Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS).


Asphalt & General are very passionate about giving back to our community, and are proud to support these local community events.

 traffic management sponsorship car show

The Nelson Motor Show

 traffic management sponsorship trolley derby

Nelson Trolley Derby




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